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Growing up in Australia was a very interesting place to grow up in, close to India, China and even though further away the traditions of Colonial England where I learnt to eat fish and chips wrappe…

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Obama gets dissed in China

Its one step forward to progress, Lessons learned by Confucius followers are hard acts to follow!

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Regular readers of this blog will know how many times I have decried the laments, from within and without, that “Israel is isolated” diplomatically.  Of course recent headlines have put paid to these concerns very nicely, with relations warming up between Israel and numerous African states, China, Russia, Egypt, and even some of our worst Arab enemies.

One of the worst offenders in the finger-wagging category has been the United States. Remember CIA Director Leon Panetta and his warnings of Israel’s isolation? John Kerry and his threats?

We can take some cold comfort from the fact that the Obama (mis)Administration has seen a series of failures in its foreign relations for a long time now.

But this weekend we saw one of the starkest “disses” (disrespecting) of the United States from a major power. The Liberty Unyielding blog reports that China openly dissed…

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Beer Sheva: Old and New City

RB,and JB Thank you for the memories may you RIP!

The Real Jerusalem Streets

So much in Jerusalem, Israel, is old and new.

We used to joke that a good friend is defined as

someone who leaves Jerusalem to visit you in Beer Sheva.

With family in Beer Sheva, over the years,

we have visited the desert city many times.

ANZAC cemetery Beer Sheva

I used to say the only place that was green was this cemetery.

The Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery,

or the ANZAC cemetery, as most of the British soldiers

buried here were Australian and New Zealanders,

who fell in the World War I battles against the Turks,

ending the domination of the Ottoman Empire.

But things are changing, 

Carasson Science Park in Beer Sheva

Carasso Science Park opened in 2013,

and is the largest science park in Israel.

Park in Beer sheva

Remembering the British,

monument to Allenby in Beer Sheva

is Allenby Garden.

The park was established in early 1900s by the Turks,

After WWI, it became a memorial to General Edmund Allenby,

was destroyed during the Arab uprising in…

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Special Salute: Israel’s sisters are doing it for themselves!

Roro's Rantings

It is a glorious irony that International Women’s Day falls smack bang in the middle of Israel Apartheid Week which a pathetic excuse for anti-Israel activists to gather on university campuses around the world during different  weeks in March every year and engage in some horrific Israel bashing.

Naturally, women’s rights are a favourite target for those wishing to paint Israel as a discriminatory, pariah state.

Israeli women have enjoyed equal rights since the birth of the state in 1948. Women’s rights are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence which states ““The State of Israel will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.”12524120_480487425480525_3667246504756580585_n

Women are very much part of the fabric of Israeli society and have been involved in many sectors including politics, the military, social welfare, education and many others. Who can forget trailblazers like former Prime Minister…

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